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Hacking The 3ds 2: Finding the Pattern

Hello again!I’m back with part 2: “Finding The Pattern”! In case you haven’t read yet the first blog entry, click here. Brief Summary Back in the day, I analysed what possible entry-points the 3DS may have. We lead to the conclusion that the RAM contents were not encrypted. This is something…


Hacking The 3ds 1: Introduction

Hello back!Today, a new series begin. A “journey” into hacking the Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console starts. There are several reasons why I am going to do this series; Personal Interest. During the later 2014, the 3DS Scene started growing. I was there, and was told I couldn’t get anything.The obnoxious…


Hacking the 3DS 0: Resources

What is this This is an extra resources pages for storing useful information and resources related to the development of this series of articles. This includes tools, external articles, stack overflow posts, and any other kind of resource that is considered helpful. Consecuently it is also used to store, link…