Public talks and workshops I’ve organised / given during the years.

C1b3rwall Academy 2020: Introduction to ARM exploit development

2020 has been an exceptional year. The worlwide pandemic caused by Covid-19 caused many conferences and events transition to the online or virtual format. That was C1b3rwall Academy 2020 case, the cybersecurity training program by the Spanish National Police Force. From LibreLabUCM, the free software and cybersecuirty student club from Universidad Complutense, we…


Reversing at Bufferhack

On the 7th of May 2019, I was glad to give a talk about Reverse Engineering with open and libre tools (like Ghidra, radare2, ..) at the BufferHack event in Madrid. Aditionally, I took part in the organization of the event, which started several months before that date, and of which I’m…


Malicious HID Devices

On November 2018, I gave a talk to Complutense University of Madrid about malicious HID devices and countermeasures against them, featuring open source solutions.